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Risk, Compliance and The Decision Model

Financial organizations execute many thousands of operational business decisions each day. However the business logic behind these decisions, that is the policies, principles, considerations are typically not formalised, documented or traceable.

Ensuring compliance with existing regulations and preparing for new changes in regulations is part of the normal course of doing business for financial organisations. However the huge volume of regulatory initiatives with ramifications across national boundaries has surged in response to the global financial crisis and are placing strains on all operational aspects of their business.

It is clear that not only must financial organisations understand the business logic behind the new and existing regulations they must also understand how the regulatory business logic will impact the many thousands of operational business decisions that must be in compliance.

Azinta Systems has partnered with KPI ( and BiZZdesign ( to bring to market a product and consultancy solution then enables business people to design, implement, change, simulate and visulise business logic in a business friendly environment based on The Decision Model.

Business logic is central to and a critical component of an organisations policies, strategies, financial anaysis, pricing, products, risk, regulatory and compliance management. In fact all critical and important business decisions are based on business logic. However until the development of The Decision Model there was no technology independent way to model business logic based on the inherent structure of business logic and then attach them to the relevant business decisions.

By using this approach the complexity of, designing and implementing the business decisions that must be executed to meet the operational and compliance needs of the company is significantly reduced and with substantial cost savings.

The Azinta Regulatory and Compliance Solutions
The Azinta Regulatory and Compliance solutions are based on the following three components:

  • Use KPI|STEP® to design and model all the relevant business logic. KPI|STEP® is a methodology and consultancy service that is normally initiated by a pilot project followed by 1 to n scoped on-site consulting projects (cycles) that are offered at a Fixed Price and Time Boxed.
  • Use BiZZdesign The Decision Modeler and Atchitect tools with KPI|STEP® to manage the entire modelling, design and deployment lifecycle of decision models.
  • Optionally, provide integration consultancy services to integrate decision models into existing BPM, Business Rules engines, Decision Services components of existing risk management, regulatory and compliance systems.

Azinta Systems is an authorised KPI consulting partner and a BiZZdesign TDM consulting and training partner. Azinta uses BiZZdesign The Decision Modeler and its Architect tools to create TDM compliance and regulatory models. Azinta has been authorised to provide KPI|STEP consulting services

For additional information on BiZZdesign The Decision Modeler, KPI|STEP click on Resources Download

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