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KPI|STEP is a consultancy service developed by Knowledge Partners International that enables organisations to percieve, organise and manage Business Processes and Rules with Decision Models.

A typical deployment includes a Pilot project followed by 1 to n scoped on-site consulting projects (cycles) that are offered at a Fixed Price and Time Boxed.

STEP|ment® is mentoring service that enables clients to achieve self-reliance with Centre of Excellence. Mentoring includes a combination of on- and a majority of of-site support.
The First|Step is a service to create unambiguous and complete business requirements. The requirements approach in FirstSTEP combines common practices with visualization and The Decision Model. The most important parts of this FirstSTEP are:
  • Select a requirements framework that represents complex systems or organizations as discrete dimensions.
  • Use the framework to identify the requirements deliverables for your business audience.
  • Deliver models for each dimension of your project.
  • Include The Decision Model for important business thinking behind business decisions.
  • Adopt visualization to elicit requirements before completing models.
  • Organize the requirements document according to the framework, packaged with the High Fidelity Visualization.

A First|STEP white paper and data sheet are available in Resources Download

Azinta KPI|STEP and First|STEP Consulting Services
Azinta Systems are KPI consulting business partners and have been authorised by KPI to provide KPI|STEP® and Next|STEP® Decision Model consukting services.

For additional information on KPI|STEP click Download Resources or Lets Get Started.

KPI|STEP®, First|STEP® and STEP|ment® are the registered trademarks of Knowledge Partners International Inc.

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