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The Azinta Data Warehouse solutions are based on the following concepts:
  • Data warehouses should store data at the lowest data level and not at higher-level data summaries in order to ensure that subsequent data analysis do not produce spurious results. Often traditional data warehouse use data aggregates to save on storage costs and increase query performance. There are alternative solutions that do not increase storage costs or degrade query performance. For example using Infobright column-oriented data warehouse technology.
  • Data warehouses should be capable of responding within, user acceptable times, to the most complex data analytic queries.
  • All companies regardless of size (SME and large companies) should be able to implement affordable data warehouses to meet their business intelligence (BI) needs.
  • All companies regardless of size should be able to implement their Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes with affordable ETL software.

The Data Warehouse – a Key Component of a BI Solution
The data warehouse is a vital component of a business intelligence system. Effective and affordable BI solutions that provides managers with timely insight into customers, suppliers and markets are vital if companies are to survive and grow in the current recession.

Recession Advantage Accelerator Solution
This package is designed for those companies who do not have an existing BI solution and wants to get an initial BI solution implemented quickly. The Azinta Recession Advantage Accelerator (ARR) contains the following deliverables:

  • Analysis of your corporate objectives with the aim of selecting a business process around which to base an initial BI solution.
  • Identify all the sources of data that will be used to extract, transform and load (ETL) into the data warehouse via a staging area. Azinta will use open source Talend ETL software for this key process
  • Create the data warehouse using Infobright and load data from sources using ETL process
  • Implement Jaspersoft or Pentaho BI; including developing initial BI reports, initial OLAP analytical applications + Dashboard.
  • Implement data mining based on RapidMiner and other open source data analytical software.
  • Conduct BI and Predictive Analytics training

The Azinta Recession Advantage Accelerator is an affordable fixed price pre-packaged solution that is implemented in an 8-12 weeks engagement. However we can tailor and combine our solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Data Warehouse Health Check Solution
The Azinta Data Warehouse Health Check is designed for organisations whose data warehouse is too slow responding to analytic queries and who want to investigate the possibilities of migration to an affordable and very fast Infobright columnar data warehouse. Deliverables include:

  • Create an Infobright data warehouse with same schema as the problematic data warehouse.
  • Load Infobright data warehouse with actual customer data or, if not acceptable, generate and load simulated data.
  • Conduct analytic queries against the Infobright database using existing customer analytic models and BI applications. Then compare results
  • Produce a fully costed ROI migration project plan and assist in any subsequent migration as required.

BI and Data Warehouse Assessment
Azinta will conduct an assessment of your current data warehousing and business intelligence environment to determine its fitness to purpose in respect to your business requirements.

Your environment may have multiple data marts, operational data stores and data warehouses. We will examine your data warehousing environment from the perspective of your BI reporting and analytical applications and will report on the following areas:

  • Does the current business intelligence and data warehouse implementation provide business managers with the required metrics so that they can respond in a timely manner?
  • Is the business able to derive required predictive analytical information quickly so that they can identify patterns of interest and make the required response to reduce business risks, cut costs or identify profitable opportunities to grow profitable revenues?
  • Are the current BI and DW systems architected and implemented in a cost effective manner?
  • Are there areas where the BI and DW solution can be deployed at more affordable costs achieving a higher ROI?

As part of this assessment we will meet with your business sponsors, BI/DW team, business users, IT management to understand your current and future business objectives and IT requirements.

Our report and recommendations will cover the following:

  • The effectiveness of the current BI/DW in meeting business objectives
  • Current BI/DW status, including capabilities, ease of use, operational and maintenance costs
  • Desired BI/DW as seen from business sponsors and business users perspective
  • Gap Analysis and Recommendations

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Data Warehouse Disrupter
Open Source Data Warehouse has been described by Claudia Imhoff, a leading industry guru, as a disruptive force.

To see why you should consider using Enterprise Open Source Data Warehouse read Claudia Imhoff Report


Azinta solutions are designed to reduce costs, increase sales revenues and shareholder value.


We monitor pre-implementation ROI projections with post implementation ROI results ensuring that our solutions deliver as promised.

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