Data Analytics Solutions

Azinta data analytical solutions are based on commercial open source data analytical software and provide an affordable alternatives to proprietary offerings. Azinta also provides consultancy services where existing analytical models (which may have been developed using proprietary tools) are reviewed to see if they are fit for purpose, making improvements to the analytical models as required.

OLAP Analytical Solutions
Azinta provides analytical solutions based on open source Jaspersoft and Pentaho data analysis modules (also known as Online Analytical Processing, or OLAP) to explore trends, patterns, anomalies and correlations in data.

Azinta helps business users get started by creating OLAP templates that will enable them to dynamically “slice and dice”, pivot, filter, chart, drill-down, or roll-up a “cube” of data in real-time without requiring IT support.

Predictive Analytical Solutions
In addition to OLAP data analysis, Azinta also provides affordable advanced predictive (also called data mining) data analytical services based open source Pentaho Data Mining, RapidMiner and R.

RapidMiner(above) is the world leading open source data mining solution with over 400 operators for all aspects of data mining. RapidMiner provides a hugh number of visualisation techniques and meta operators that automatically optimise experiment design.

The Open Source R (see above) is the most powerful language and graphical environment for a vast variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, etc) and is highly extensible. There are over 2,758 R packages, any one of which can be integrated in a solution.

The Azinta Predictive Analytical solutions are designed to be affordable and at the same time providing all the analytical power of the more expensive propritary alternatives.

Data Analytical (Data Mining) Health Check Solutions
Azinta provides a data mining health check service where existing data mining models are reviewed to look at areas where models can be improved leading to more effective business outcomes.

Azinta consultants have expertise in all the widely used predictive analytics and data mining software including SAS, SPSS as well as open source offerings such as RapidMiner, R and Pentaho Data Mining.

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Data Warehouse Disrupter
Open Source Data Warehouse has been described by Claudia Imhoff, a leading industry guru, as a disruptive force.

To see why you should consider using Enterprise Open Source Data Warehouse read Claudia Imhoff Report


Azinta solutions are designed to reduce costs, increase sales revenues and shareholder value.


We monitor pre-implementation ROI projections with post implementation ROI results ensuring that our solutions deliver as promised.

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