Data Warehouse Solutions
Open Source DW Disrupter
Open Source Data Warehouse, such as offered by Infobright, has disrupted the industry and an enables companies of all sizes to afford high performance analytical data warehouses.

Powerful and affordable open source Extract-Transform-Load tools, such as Talend, are now available to load clean operational data into the data warehouse. For the first time the tools exist to enable small, medium and large companies to afford to have their BI solutions powered by an effective analytical open source data warehouse.

Azinta offers a number of data warehouse implementation and consultancy solutions to significantly reduce the costs of implementing a data warehouse solution.

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BI Solutions

Affordable BI Solutions
Open Source Business Intelligence (BI) is enabling companies of all sizes to gain a recession advantage by enabling affordable BI solutions. Previously many companies had ignored open source BI for their more expensive proprietary alternatives.

Now the recession has forced companies to look closely at all their business costs and Open Source BI offers the potential for a significant reduction in costs without loss in functionality.

Azinta offers companies a number of BI offerings that enables companies to gain a recession advantage by identifying the key BI metrics they require to grow profitable business revenues.

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Data Analytics Solutions

Predictve Analytics - The key for growth
Advanced predictive analysis is critical in today’s highly volatile and challenging environment where the ability to detect patterns in customers, suppliers and markets can provide a company with significant competitive advantages.

Azinta offers a number of data analytical consultancy services designed to assess your existing data analytical models to see if they are fit for purpose. For those who are new to data analytics Azinta provides an affordable quick start data analytics solution.

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 Predictive Analytics

Azinta Value Proposition
The Decision Model
The Decision Model is one of the most important modelling advance since The Relational Model that is bringing a revolution to IT operations and business processes.

To find out more about The Decision Model click Azinta Decision Model Solutions

Regulatory Compliance and the Decision Modeler
Today;s financial services organisations are under increased pressure to comply with ever increasing amounts of national and international regulations.

The Decision Model, BiZZdesign's Decision Modeler and KPISTEP methodology are key components of a revolutionay solution that enables the analysis, modelling and execution of the business logic behind the operational and risk management decisions that must be made to achieve regulatory compliance at significantly reduced costs.

To find out more about Azinta's Regulatory Compliance Solutions click Azinta Regulatory Compliance Solutions

KPI|STEP is a consultancy service developed by Knowledge Partners International that enables organisations to percieve, organise and manage Business Processes and Rules with Decision Models.

To find out more click KPI|STEP®

The First|Step is a service to create unambiguous and complete business requirements using The Decision Model.

To find out more click KPI|STEP®



The Decision Modeler Software
Azinta has formed a strategic partnership with BiZZdesign to provide Decision Model consulting and training services based around BiZZdesign's certified The Decision Modeler software.

Read "Three Decision Model Predictions and The Decision Modeler" blog post by Suleiman Shehu, CEO of Azinta. Three TDM Predictions

Azinta ROI Proposition
The Decision Model Logo

Decision Modelling Essentials course. Click here for further information and to register.

Strategic Management

On-Site Strategic Management Training Courses. Click here for further information and to get a quotation

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