Predictive Data Analytics Overview

Predictive data analytics builds on the capabilities of a business intelligence implementation to provide additional insight based on data mining and statistical analysis to make predictions about future events.

Potential Problem
The key to the effective use of advanced predictive data analytics is access to the raw data at its most complete and lowest granularity and not using sampling or high-level data summaries. This is because using incomplete or data summaries instead of the low granularity data will often lead to spurious or meaningless conclusions even when using the most powerful algorithms.

The problem was the many data warehouse implementations were designed to save storage and search time costs by storing data at higher-levels of data summaries instead of the raw data. In order to get the true benefits data warehouses may need to be re-designed or complemented by data marts that use high performance analytical data warehouses such as open source Infobright IEE edition.

Why Predictive Analytics Can Give You a Recession Advantage
In today’s recession advanced predictive analysis can help a business foresee risks and identify the best customers and cross-selling opportunities to grow profits. The ability to detect changes in, for example, customer behaviour and then arrange a marketing programme to take advantage of these changes can mean the difference between the success and failure of a business. This is of particular importance as in a recession because customers change their buying preferences faster than in boom times.

RapidMiner Predictive Analytics

The Open Source Advantage
The rise of Enterprise Open Source Predictive analytics vendors such as RapidMiner (see figure above), R and Pentaho Data Mining has enabled companies of all sizes to conduct predictive analytics at extremely affordable costs when compaired to propritary alternatives.

Azinta Predictive Analytics Solutions
Azinta offers the following Predictive Analytics solutions:

  • Predictive Analytics Health Check. Azinta provides a data analytics health check where a review will be conducted of the current analytical models and the business outcomes they were designed to achieve. As part of this health check areas where the analytical models could be improved will be identified; as well as the design, and implementation, of additional analytical models that would greatly enhance the required business outcomes.

    As part of this health check, the capabilities of the BI infrastructure to provide the raw data in a timely manner required for effective predictive analytics will be reviewed and recommendation made as required.

    Our consultants have expertise in all the widely used predictive analytics offering including SAS, SPSS as well as open source offerings such as Pentaho Data Mining, RapidMiner and R.

  • Quick Start Predictive Analytics. Azinta provides an affordable quick start Predictive Analytics solutions based on the leading Enterprise Open Source Pentaho Data Mining, RapidMiner and R. These solutions are designed for those who are new to predictive analytics and would like an affordable solution.

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Data Warehouse Disrupter
Open Source Data Warehouse has been described by Claudia Imhoff, a leading industry guru, as a disruptive force.

To see why you should consider using Enterprise Open Source Data Warehouse read Claudia Imhoff Report


Azinta solutions are designed to reduce costs, increase sales revenues and shareholder value.


We monitor pre-implementation ROI projections with post implementation ROI results ensuring that our solutions deliver as promised.

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