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APADO Technical White Paper
APADO Business Agility Platform - Overview
The APADO Business Agility Platform is a business services composition and deployment platform that integrates Business Process Management, SOA, Complex Event Processing, Business Rules & Decision Services, Predictive Analytics and Constraint Optimisation to create high levels of business agility.
The Business Problem
Business seeking to achieve higher levels of business agility have focused on implementing a single technology such as BPM, Business Rules or Predictive Analytics. Even where a business has
implemented more than one technology for business agility, the focus has been to isolate these technologies and apply them separately into different business areas rather than to integrate them.

This single technological approach to business agility has been successful. However the ever increasing competitive corporate landscape means that this approach is no longer viable. What is required is the ability to integrate and deploy multiple technologies (where each as a proven track record in improving agility) to gain additional synergistic uplift in business performance, profits and agility.
However the majority of SME companies (and even large companies in today's business climate) are locked out from using most of these technologies due to the very high costs of existing commercial products, technologies and skilled resources.
The Azinta Solution
The Azinta Process Analytics Decision Optimisation (APADO) platform is designed to inject Business Process Management, Business Rules, Complex Event Processing, Predictive Analytics, SOA and Constraint Optimisation capabilities into business processes. The results of this injection are significant increase in business agility leading to increased revenues, reduction in costs and business risks.

APADO Platform Delivery
The APADO platform (which is based on the integration of several enterprise-ready open source projects) is currently available as an affordable consultancy offering comprising products, tooling, and best practices; also included in the offering are design, development and implementation consulting services.

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