London landmarks February 25, 2015
Azinta holds joint free training workshop with BiZZdesign and Lux Magi on A Guide to Mastering your Company's Decision Logic using The Decision Model, London
January 28, 2015
Azinta Systemsholds joint free workshop with BiZZdesign and Lux Magi on Decision Management, Amersfoort, Netherlands
January 1, 2015
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Azinta Systems is a consultancy, and systems integration company dedicated towards using innovative technologies to help our clients gain sustained increases in shareholder value, with the potential for significant reductions in operational costs whilst minimising business risks.
Azinta Systems is a private company with head office in Dublin, Ireland.

Azinta works in partnership with our clients with a clear objective to share the value-add that Azinta brings to the table on an equitable basis.

Each engagement that Azinta undertakes is designed to meet an agreed ROI with our clients. The benefits created by our services and solutions are measured to ensure that we meet the ROI targets set by the business partnership agreements with our clients.

Azinta uses Business Decision Management with its focus on business decisions that are powered by analytics and business rules to produce tailored business solutions that will increase profitable company revenues, reduce costs and help manage regulatory and business risks.

As a protean corporation, Azinta operates globally to deliver its products and consultancy offerings, in partnership with its world-wide network of associate consultants and business partners, who dynamically come together to collaborate on developing and implementing tailored customer solutions.

For information on the Azinta Associate Programme click here.


Real-time Streaming Analytics
Real-Time Analytics provides a complete end-to-end solution for cost-effective analysis and visualisation of streaming data.

Exciting new technologies have signifiantly reduced the costs and complexity of implementing real-time analytics so why remain with your batch-based analytics platforms.

To discuss how you can upgrade your batch-based Big Data analytics platform to a Real-Time Streaming Platform Contact our analytics solution team


Azinta solutions are designed to reduce costs, increase sales revenue and shareholder value.


We monitor pre-implementation ROI projections with post implementation ROI results ensuring that our solutions deliver as promised.

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