May 16, 2013
Azinta Systems signs strategic partnership with BiZZdesign More
October 18, 2011
Azinta Partners with KPI to Use The Decision Model for Regulatory Compliance More
November 08, 2010
AAzinta launches GPU-Accelerated Cloud Service More
November 29, 2009
Azinta APADO Business Agility Platform Integrates 6 Agile Technologies into a Single Software Platform More
April 01, 2009
Azinta signs strategic partnership with Talend, the leading open source Integration and ETL company. More

The Decision Modeler
The Decision Modeler, the new BiZZdesign tool, enables integrated Decision Modelling with Business Process Modelling. Decision models created can be fully integrated with enterprise architecture, process, UML, and business motivation models. Download "Decision Model Management - Methods and Tools" brochure

The Decision Model
The Decision Model is a radical technology for designing and modelling business logic within the enterprise. It has far reaching implications for operational decision making, process models, business requirements, business architecture, regulatory compliance to name but a few. See blog post on this exciting new technology

GPU-Accelerated Large Scale Analytics
Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) are being used to massively accelerate a wide range of business applications including data mining, analytics, machine learning and quantatitive finance See blog post by Suleiman Shehu, CEO of Azinta Systems

MapReduce GPU Clusters
MapReduce GPU clusters are an emerging disruptive technology as they have the potential to deliver 'Big Data' processing at 1/10 hardware and 1/20 the power consumption costs, whilst at the same time providing 200x speed-ups on regular clusters with 12 times the the number of nodes. For further GPU/MapReduce insights see post by Suleiman Shehu, CEO of Azinta Systems


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Powered by The Decision Model
An organisations strategic business plans are implemented by business processes that execute operational business decisions. Determining these business decisions and modelling the business logic behind these decisions is critical success factors for the realisations of business goals.

Azinta provides business decision management consultancy and training services powered by The Decision Model (TDM) with decision modelling tools such as BiZZdesign Architect and The Decision Modeler.

To find out more about the role of The Decision Model and how it can be used to model and implement the business decisions required to implement corporate strategy read this blog post

The Decision Modeler tool
Azinta has formed a strategic partnership with BiZZdesign to offer product, consultancy and training solutions (based around BiZZdesign TDM modelling tools) to help companies design, model abd deploy business logic and associated operational decisions powered by The Decision Model.

To find out more click Risk, Regulatory and Compliance Decision Model Solutions

Azinta advanced predictive analytical solutions utilise powerful data mining, statistical and predictive modelling tools to detect hidden data patterns that identify opportunities to reduce risk or enable business growth.

Advanced predictive analysis is critical in today’s highly volatile and challenging environment where customer buying intentions are in a constant state of flux. More


Decision Modelling Essentials Course UK

Decision Modelling Essentials course. Click here for further information and to register.

Strategic Management Training

On-Site Strategic Management Training Courses. Click here for further information and to get a quotation

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